My name is Tamika. I’m a mom to wonderful little boy. I’m a soon to be wifey to a wonderful man. At this moment in my life, I want more out of life and I’m working on implementing a plan to leave my full time job to becoming a SAHM.

Starting June 26th, 2017 I will be following a simple budget. I want to start slow. The first thing to go is Starbucks. I spend about $167.00 on coffee a month. I will start using tea with caffeine instead. This option is way cheaper.

I’m still selling items on eBay, but I want to cut back on thrifting for eBay and sell the items that I already have until everything is gone. eBay takes too much of my time and it’s time to let it go.

So follow me as I go on this adventure and give you updates on how I coping and what platforms are working for me and my family.